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Wellness Programs Shakopee, Chaska & Savage, MN

Wellness Programs

Welcome to St. Francis Sports Medicine Wellness Program. Thank you for choosing us to assist you further on your road to full recovery. This program was developed to bridge the gap between being a “patient” of ours and your continued commitment to health in an independent setting. We hope you will utilize all of our programs and offerings to find the routine to best suit your needs.


How does the program work?

Buy a card

Each participant will purchase a punch card with two options.

  • 10 punch card for $250.00
  • 5 punch card for $150.00
    • Punches 6-10 purchased for $100.00 (If bought within 3 months of punches 1-5)


Choose a service

Choose all of one service or mix and match.

45 minutes of our Aquatic therapy pool use

You can choose to utilize our warm therapy pool as you wish. Upon initial visit an individualized program can be developed to meet your specific needs. Exercise programs can be kept at our facility, simply grab your card and begin. Specific times and dates will be set aside for use of our pools for this independent program. One of our staff will be available at all times if you should need assistance. Each participant needs to be fully independent with accessing our pool, dressing, and changing.

30 minutes on the Alter G antigravity treadmill

This is an ideal option for you runners to do some cross training or for the beginning runner. The Alter G can take you from 20% of your body weight and progress you to handling 80% of your body weight. Read more about this amazing treadmill at This treadmill is located at our Chaska Clinic only. Upon your first “punch” you will meet with one of our staff who will assist you on how to operate the treadmill.

30 minutes of Massage

Each “punch” can be used for this relaxing option. Our Massage Therapist is available to help unwind that tension of the day. Massages are offered out of our Chaska clinic site.


Schedule your reservation

Therapeutic pool: Shakopee clinic (952)428-2001
Alter G: Chaska clinic (952) 428-1250
Massage: (952)994-8562

We require 24 hour notice if you need to cancel your reservation.
Your card will be punched for missed reservations without 24 hour notice.

For more information, Contact us at Shakopee, Chaska & Savage, MN Centers.