Category: Physical Therapists

Feb19th 2020

Jennifer Pearson

Practicing Physical Therapy since 2018. Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Psychology from St. Catherine University (2014); Doctorate of Physical Therapy from St. Catherine University (2018) Special Interests: General Orthopedics, Geriatrics, General Neuro and Balance, Pain Neuroscience Education, Aquatic Therapy, Acute Care

Dec30th 2019

Andrew Larson

Physical Therapist since 2000.  Athletic Trainer since 1998. Education:  Bachelor of Science University Wisconsin-Lacrosse 1994-1998.  Masters of Science University Wisconsin-Lacrosse 1998-2000. Special Interests:  General orthopedics and sports medicine

Heidi Ohlmann Mar29th 2018

Heidi Ohlmann

Practicing Physical Therapy since 1999 Education:  Bachelor of Science in Biology from Augustana College, 1996; Master of Science Physical Therapy Washington University 1998; Doctorate in Physical Therapy Washington University 2005 Special Interests:  General Orthopedics, Lymphedema – Certified by the Lymphology Association of North America