Category: Occupational Therapists

Dec30th 2019

Debbie Kalish

Practicing Occupational Therapy since 1991. Education:  Master of Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman’s University Special Interests:  Upper extremity orthopedics, chronic pain management, mind-body healing, integrative emotional release therapy

Colleen Rivera Jul1st 2016

Colleen Rivera

Education: University of Minnesota, BS in Occupational Therapy Practicing since 1991 Special interests: general rehab, acute care and lymphedema

Tony Lane Apr21st 2016

Tony Lane

Education: University of Minnesota Practicing Since 2010 Special Interests: General orthopedics, overhead athlete, and sports medicine rehab with emphasis on the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand for all age groups. Also works in acute care at the hospital. Specialty Certifications: Graston Technique Outside of work interests: I enjoy baseball, working out, hunting, fishing, and spending

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