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Total Motion Release

Total Motion Release (TMR) is a therapy approach developed by North Carolina PT, Tom Dalonzo-Baker. Tom is also a former math teacher and recognized a need to incorporate data into a patient’s home program so that they, and the physical therapist, could see which exercises are most beneficial to perform.

TMR has several advantages over “traditional” therapy approaches. First and foremost, it teaches you how to fix yourself, regardless of where your pain is. Once you have learned the overall concept, you can apply it to pain anywhere in the body. This approach looks at the movement patterns throughout the body to identify where restrictions are. The novel idea behind this technique is that it uses the good movement patterns to “teach” the faulty movement patterns to improve. This means that you are using only comfortable, easy motions to improve patterns, instead of forcing into painful movement.

We find that patients can learn to fix themselves very quickly when in pain, and when applied on a regular basis, this technique can help prevent painful patterns from developing. Because you are using just motions as the basis for treatment, no special equipment is required. This technique is by far the least invasive approach you can take to alleviate pain.

Let’s say, for example, you use a “traditional” approach for pain relief such as chiropractic or manual therapy treatment. If your pain returns in a few hours, what are your options? You would have to return to the provider to be treated again, or wait until your next appointment. On the other hand, if you are able to identify a motion that makes your pain go away, you can just apply that motion again, or find another, that makes your pain go away whenever it acts up. This puts you in control of the pain, instead of the other way around.

TMR can be taught in individual or group sessions. It can be used as an adjunct to traditional therapies, or as a stand-alone treatment. There is now also an option to learn more about TMR at home. Please schedule an evaluation with one of our TMR therapists to learn more about this unique approach to pain relief.

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