Medical Therapeutic Yoga Shakopee, Chaska & St. Savage, MN

Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Medical Therapeutic Yoga is a research based practice which can benefit everyone seeking an integrative approach to health care.   It offers a holistic assessment and treatment plan while catering to the individual needs of one’s body, mind and spirit.  Medical therapeutic yoga is performed under the guidance of a physical therapist trained in this specialty.

The medical health history and lifestyle activities are reviewed and considered while also being attentive to the care needs and interests of the individual. This is followed by a step by step progressive movement and ability assessment. The yoga program developed is one of optimal safety as all movements are performed with the spine and extremities in their neutral supported position. The sessions additionally include education within the self-care principles of Ayurvedic medicine. This further develops a personalized holistic and integrative health care program.  Manual therapy and the use of treatment modalities as well may be integrated into these treatment sessions as indicated by the care needs of the individual. Medical Therapeutic Yoga addresses the goals of pain relief, stress management, injury recovery and improved strength, flexibility and balance in a multifaceted approach to health care for optimal health and healing. For additional information please contact Roselee Wondra PT @ 952-428-2001 or email:

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