Low Level Light Therapy Shakopee, Chaska & St. Savage, MN

Low Level Light Therapy

It is common knowledge that sunny days are exciting and dull ones, depressing. Not so well known is the fact that light—even in small amounts—produces a multitude of clinical benefits, including tissue repair and pain control.

Obtaining pain relief from Low Level Light Therapy might be a good alternative to the use of NSAIDs, particularly for elderly people, because laser therapy has no reported side effects. In addition, clinical studies have reported that applying laser therapy in addition to exercise might show greater pain reduction effects than using laser therapy alone. In conclusion, investigations pertaining to laser therapies have indicated that laser irradiation on joint areas can be an effective pain relief treatment when appropriate energy doses are selected.

Indications for light therapy-

Indications: The FDA has approved light therapy for the treatment of head and neck pain, as well as pain associated with CTS. In addition to these conditions, the literature indicates that light therapy may be beneficial in three general areas:

  1. Inflammatory conditions (eg, bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, etc).
  2. Wound care and tissue repair (eg, tendon ruptures, ligamentous tear, torn cartilage, etc).
  3. Pain control (eg, low back pain, neck pain, and pain associated with inflammatory conditions—carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, etc).

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