Therapy For Voice Disorders Shakopee, Chaska & St. Savage, MN

Voice Disorders

What are Voice Disorders?

Voice disorders are issues that affect voice production, including vocal cord nodules and polyps, vocal cord paralysis, paradoxical vocal fold movement, and spasmodic dysphonia. If you have one of these disorders, you may present with a hoarse voice, straining to make voice, speaking with a lower tone, intermittent voice breaks, or no voice at all. Voice disorders can be caused by over- or misuse of your voice, damage to your nerves, or other related causes.

Speech Therapy for Voice Disorders

Therapy for voice disorders can vary depending on symptoms and cause for your symptoms. The physical therapist can work with you on creating good vocal hygiene habits, how to effectively use your voice, compensation techniques, and breathing techniques. Treatment approaches can be restorative and/or compensatory in nature, depending on etiology.

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