Cognitive / Memory Impairment Shakopee, Chaska & St. Savage, MN

Cognitive / Memory Impairment

What is Cognitive or Memory Impairment?

Cognitive / Memory Impairment are difficulties with thinking and remembering details. It can also include difficulty with concentration, processing information, memory, and planning/organization of information. It can include difficulty with short-term or long-term memory. These deficits can come from a variety of causes, including concussions or brain injuries, Alzheimer’s/dementia, stroke, and natural aging.

Speech Therapy for Cognitive / Memory Impairment

A speech-language pathologist works with patients to screen, assess, diagnose, and treat individuals with cognitive or memory impairments. Treatment approaches can be restorative and/or compensatory in nature, depending on severity and etiology. Individuals with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and their families will work with speech-language pathologists to learn compensatory strategies and environmental adaptations as the disease progresses.

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