Pre-Hab Shakopee, Chaska & St. Savage, MN



“Pre-hab” for short – is an exercise therapy program started at least six weeks (and preferably longer) before surgery. It’s a new concept to many.

A study by researchers at New England Baptist Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, found that knee and hip replacement surgery patients who had participated in water- and land-based strength training, and aerobic and flexibility exercises for six weeks prior to their surgeries reduced their odds of needing inpatient rehabilitation by 73 percent.

The rewards of pre-hab show in 24 hours after surgery. After knee-replacement surgery, for example, patients are expected to be walking (using crutches or a walker) to the bathroom or in the hallway the day after. They generally must be able to go up and down two to four steps and walk 50 to 100 feet before leaving the hospital (usually in three to five days). The improved strength that people gain from pre-hab can help them achieve some of those milestones in less time, says Dr. Crane.

Patients who are more fit prior to surgery may have shorter hospital stays and may be discharged and sent to outpatient rehab, rather than to a rehab facility for inpatient therapy. Prepare for your surgery, Contact St. Francis Rehab and Sports Medicine today at Shakopee, Chaska & Savage, MN Centers to begin your road to recovery!