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Patient Results

  • {Therapeutic Yoga Workshop Attendee}  

    I felt a transformation within the  class; was given a sense of wholeness and grounding, clarity of thought and vision afterwards.   Felt a great sense of peace, had the ability to focus, shut down extraneous non-productive thoughts.

    Portia H.

  • {Therapeutic Yoga Workshop Attendee}  

    My workshop expectations were more than met. I learned good breathing techniques, guidelines of poses and was shown modifications.  I really liked how she worked with each one of us in the class. The instructor was wonderful, positive and gave great resources and guidelines.

    Cheri P

  • {Therapeutic Yoga Workshop Attendee}  

    In this workshop there was a lot of information presented which I can incorporate into my life. I really liked the individual attention as it helped cement learning the poses. 

    Hope E.

  • {Therapeutic Yoga Workshop Attendee}  

    The breathing techniques and exercise modifications were very helpful and appreciated. I liked the nice class size and handouts were great. 

    Kristy B.

  • {Therapeutic Yoga Workshop Attendee}  

    I wanted to learn more about yoga and stretching to ease my back and neck pain which I did; the demonstrations were excellent. The teacher is excellent!

    Ginny B.

  • {Therapeutic Yoga Workshop Attendee}  

    The workshop was offered in a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. I learned to concentrate more on my breathing and was given many movement ideas to reduce my back pain.

    Deb O.

  • marti-aDear Tami, Kristin, Roselee and Jeff,

    Thank you all so much for all you did for me in the spring when my back was hurting so bad. Your therapy, skills, and marti-skiing-2016encouragement got me back doing what I am so passionate about…slalom skiing in the course on Spring Lake. In March, I had trouble getting out of bed, walking without spasms and working at my job in the cancer center. When I first starting seeing Tami (this time) I remember her asking me what my goals were. At the time, I didn’t think I would be able to ski again. I told her I wanted to be able to hold and take care of our infant grandson. She smiled and wrote that down. Later in our sessions, as I started to get stronger, I asked her if she thought I would ski again. Without hesitation, she said very confidently, “yes, I think you will”. She along with Kristin and Rosalee gave me the encouragement I needed to keep working hard and believing that I could recover. And I did!

    I  asked a friend this summer to take a picture so I could send a thank you note so you could see what I did almost every morning between 6:30 and 7 am thanks to all of you.

    Jeff,  you have an amazing team. I hope you tell them how wonderful they are. Never did anyone from your front desk staff to your therapists  make me feel that maybe at 60 I should quit this sport I love so much. Never did they make me feel embarrassed that I have seen your therapists other summers after a waterski injury. They always treated me with the utmost respect and tender care knowing I am an aging athlete.

    Thanks again for all you do.

    I will be your testimonial if you ever need me too.

    St. Francis Cancer Center

    Marti A., RN

  • To all of my therapists, a huge shout out of THANKS!  My recovery from my medical journey has been successful because of all of you!  I have sung your praises to many.  You are so knowledgeable and caring about your skills for recovery.


    Thank you!



  • The staff were very personal and friendly!


  • Wonderful experience!



  • Thorough explanation of my condition.  I am done with therapy, home with exercises and doing great!




  • The front desk was always friendly and offered numerous scheduling options.  Thank you!

    Corey L.

  • I have recommended St. Francis Rehab and Sports Medicine to my family and friends!

    Robbie C.

  • Great staff! Very accommodating!

    Cheryl A.

  • My therapist understood my physical restrictions and concerns and worked out a great program to strengthen my legs.  She was exceptional!

    Dana M.

  • I look forward to my PT appointment!

    Chris P.

  • Always a good experience at St. Francis.

    Shirley B.

  • My therapist was very clear about the treatment plan, why we were doing those exercises and sent materials home to remind me.

    Barb J.

  • My Physical Therapist  was excellent, thorough, warm, caring, patient had a good listening ear and was  knowledgeable.

    Larry S.