Happy Spring

May9th 2017

I just returned from North Carolina where I was a teacher assistant within my Medical Therapeutic Yoga program.  The classes were held an ocean side beach house; the meals were all prepared and organically homemade. This was a picturesque setting for a week of relaxed intensive learning; all without the “typical” responsibilities we have in our lives at home.

Despite this; “Life Happened”.   I broke out in raging hives, the dishwasher broke and leaked all over the kitchen, severe storms came through which threatened return travel plans and changed our scheduled activities. These things were not part of the planned agenda; but just like at home, disruptions in a planned routine occur and can change the best laid plans.


While we cannot control all that evolves in our day; we can have control how we respond to these challenges.  A good way to prepare more calmly to life challenges is to follow a regular self-care routine.  Preparing and following a routine creates a good balance within your physical body, helps to keep a focus on a positive attitude which grounds the spirit.  Having a routine is good preventative medicine to remain sane within chaos! Sharing some simple tips to keep your life in better balance:


  • Optimize getting restful sleep. Recommend going to sleep by 10pm to avoid that ‘second wind’ of energy which can come after this time.
  • Routinely pause within the craziness AND the calmness of your day to focus on your breath and reflect on your blessings. Take in the beauty of nature to visually appreciate the blossoming trees and flowers. Yes, even those dandelions!
  • View what you eat and drink as healing hydrating nourishment for your amazing body.
  • Integrate movement into your daily routine. This may be a standing balance pose while in the kitchen, or calling a friend to join you on a scheduled walk.


Now back to North Carolina. My hives healed, the dishwasher got fixed and the storm broke enough to allow us all to travel back to our homes.  Learning to live and respond to the both the calmness and chaos of life with a positive body and mind response creates optimal health.  Our goal is to do the best we can each and every day with the awareness of Life’s Blessings.

This is our treasured Minnesota Springtime. Let’s go out and enjoy it!