About Us

About Us

Welcome to St. Francis Rehab and Sports Medicine

Our results based approach combines clinical experience with the best physical therapy has to offer!

At St. Francis Rehab and Sports Medicine, we offer personal care for most musculoskeletal and medical conditions. Our physical and occupational therapy services are designed to quickly reduce pain and restore your function.

Pain as a symptom, is merely the body’s alarm system to alert you that attention is needed in a specific body region. Pain is similar to the smoke detector in your home, it only detects smoke (the effect), not fire, which is the root cause of the alarm. Merely shutting off the alarm (i.e. the use of pain medications, store bought remedies or, anti-inflammatories) will not put out the fire or treat the cause of the problem, but it may actually reduce your ability to address the problem as it spreads.

Our physical therapists take a full body systems approach to facilitate healing and self-empowerment. Rather than just eliminating or masking symptoms, the symptom is instead used as a guide to look below the surface or “smoke” for the ROOT CAUSE. Our unique customized approach is used to correct your bodies normal biomechanics and restore it’s normal joint function. PUTTING OUT THE FIRE! This creates functional results which not only reduce pain, but tap into your body’s natural healing properties. This clinical excellence, combined with the empathetic bed-side manner and customer service we provide, is why we stand alone. It is the elevated level of care that you deserve from your healthcare provider!